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Dogs: ​​​​​499 Danbury Road | Wilton, CT 

Cat Cottage: 503 Danbury Road | Wilton, CT

There's only one thing more important to us than having fun here, and that's ensuring the cleanliness of our facility and the well-being of our guests.

In short, we take our health requirements seriously!  

Please review our required vaccines and testing below.

As always, we truly appreciate your assistance in keeping Passage East a safe and happy environment for our human staff & furry customers.

How to send your dog's records.

Have everything you need? Nice! 

  • Log in to the customer booking portal& upload a photo or PDF of the documents. Once you've logged in, click "My Pet" & then "Vaccinations" to upload, OR
  • Emaila photo or PDF of the records to dogsrunfree@passageeastkennels.com, OR

  • Text a photo of the records to 203-587-8061

Not sure where everything is? No judgment! 

Give your vet's office a call & ask them to please send the records to you (if you'd like to upload them yourself) or directly to us. The local vets generally know how to reach our office, but here's our contact info if needed!

Email: dogsrunfree@passageeastkennels.com

Fax: 203-834-0502 

** For puppies, the distemper/parvo vaccine is a 3-part series that is first given at age 6-8 weeks and then followed by two booster shots, each done 3 weeks apart. Puppies must have received the full series in order to board or attend daycare.

For adult dogs, proof of a positive distemper titer test within your vet's recommended time frame will be accepted.

Questions or concerns? We're happy to assist!

Feel free to email anytime or call 203-762-7998 during regular business hours. You can also text questions to 203-587-8061.

On behalf of all the fun-loving pups & our staff at Passage East, thank you for your continued cooperation and support!

Since we have lots of furry buddies & can't call each vet, we appreciate your help making sure documents are sent our way in a timely manner :)

​Bringing in a dog with expired or missing vaccines poses a health risk to our other guests, our human staff, & your best friend!

Please be aware that failure to provide proof of these requirements will result in your dog being quarantined & incurring an additional daily fee or cancellation of your reservation. 

Requirements for Dog Boarding & Daycare

 VACCINATIONS: All dogs must be fully vaccinated & up-to-date on the following for the duration of their visit:

  • Rabies

  • Canine distemper/ parvovirus **

  • Bordetella (kennel cough)

The canine influenza vaccine is not required but is strongly recommended. Please consult with your vet regarding your dog's individual health & risk factors.

PARASITE SCREENING: All dogs must have a fecal exam to screen for intestinal parasites (including Giardia) within 6 MONTHS of their planned visit.

Test results MUST be negative for all ova & parasites in order to board or attend daycare & participate in playgroup. 

NEW STATE REQUIREMENT: Current town dog license.

As of 2022, the CT Dept. of Agriculture requires all boarding & daycare facilities to have a copy of their guests' dog licenses on file. If you are unsure of how to register your dog or get a copy of their license, please visit your town's government website. 

Health  Requirements

Need help?

​​Kindly provide your dog's paperwork at least 5 days PRIOR to your boarding or daycare reservation (if time allows). 

Paperwork submitted should include the expiration dates for your dog's rabies, distemper/parvo, & bordetella vaccines and/or the date each vaccine was given.

If your dog only needs an updated fecal test to visit, this typically does not require an appointment with your vet. Just collect a stool sample after they do their business and bring it to your vet in a plastic baggie.

Please note that fecal test results typically take 1-2 business days to process. Paperwork submitted must include the actual results of the test indicating no ova/parasites were detected in order to be validated by our staff.

If you don't have access to the lab results, ask your vet's office how to get a copy and they should be able to help!