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499 Danbury Road, Wilton, CT 06897  

ph: (203) 762-7998 | fax: (203) 834-0502


Dogs: ​​​​​499 Danbury Road | Wilton, CT 

Cat Cottage: 503 Danbury Road | Wilton, CT

Creative Grooming

Turn heads at the dog park and out on the town with our unique, personalized creative services.

Pet-icure (Nail Painting)

 2 paws for $10, 4 paws for $20.

Color Splash

Ear tips, tail tips, & paws for $15 - $20

Want more color? Call us to discuss your vision and we will make it happen!

Bath & Tidy

Need just a bit off the top? No problem! A Bath & Tidy (formerly known as the Zoom Groom) is perfect for neatening up your long-haired or curly-coated pup in between regular grooms.

Recommended for breeds like poodles & poodle mixes, Portuguese Water Dogs, spaniels, terriers, etc within 4-6 weeks of a full-service groom or as a complete grooming service for dogs that don't normally get a full-body haircut (shepherds, retrievers, etc). 

- Trim of face, feet, feathers, & sanitary area
- Shampoo & conditioning with premium products
- Blow dry & brush out
- Blueberry facial
- Nail trim
- Ear cleaning
- Pad shaving
- Complimentary bandana, bows, or bowtie.

Joann Cristiano

Dana Martin

Professional Dog Grooming

 Baths & Specialty Treatments

Our bathing service includes all the pampering of a full-service groom without the haircut. It's the perfect way to end a Passage East vacation or to freshen up anytime!

Plus up that bath with any of our specialty treatments below!

Skin Soother Treatment

 Extra-calming conditioner for itchy skin. Includes ear flush & Zymox application if needed. $15+

De-Shed Treatment 

Reduces shedding by 50-80% while adding strength, moisture, & shine. $15+

Also Available- Skunk, Flea & Tick, and Medicated Baths!


Add a Deluxe Service

 $5 Each 

Nail Grinding: Smooths rough edges & gets nails as short as possible.

Teeth Brushing: Removes plaque & freshens breath for sweeter kisses.

Collar Wash: You wouldn't put on dirty clothes after a bath, would you?

Nose & Toes Saver: Organic nose balm soothes, exfoliates, & heals crusty noses. Paw pads are massaged with deep-conditioning organic oils, followed by Mushers' Secret application to protect year-round from the elements.​​​

Salon Service Menu

Drop-off hours: Monday-Sunday, 8 a.m. - 9 a.m. 

For appointments & general pricing, call (203) 762-7998 or e-mail us today!

Fawn Holden

Full-Service Grooming

Woof! Prepare to get pampered! Our Full-Service Groom includes everything your dog needs to look & feel fabulous!

- Full-body haircut 
- Bathing with premium shampoo & conditioner
- Blueberry facial
- Blow dry & brush out
- Nail trim
- Ear cleaning
- Pad shaving
- Complimentary bandana, bows, or bowtie

Meet Our Groomers!

Welcome to The Salon! 

Our fabulous team of professional groomers is serious about style. We take our time with each guest, providing a relaxing environment for all your dog's grooming needs. Whether they're here on vacation or for a well-deserved spa day. our Salon is open seven days a week for your convenience.

Bath-phobic dog? Special cut requests? Simply tell our stylists when making your appointment and we'll take care to customize your dog's experience for head-turning results you both will love. We'll call you as soon as they're ready for their close-up!​

​​​​​​​Ph: (203) 762-7998

Text:  855-615-2144


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Saturday & Sunday

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