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​​ Fairfield County's top destination for dogs, cats, & the people who love them.

Medication & Special Needs

Please be aware of any health conditions your cat has and be sure to communicate them to our staff!

While we are happy to care for senior pets as well as administer oral medication / supplements, the health of your cat is our top priority and we may recommend veterinary boarding for more complex health needs. 

Who let the cats out?

Hint: It was us!

When designing The Cottage, one of our biggest goals was to create a safe way for our guests to enjoy the outdoors while visiting.

We couldn't be more thrilled to have made that dream a reality!


Health Requirements and Special Needs

Still Curious?

Accommodations & Rates

Cat Boarding

Introducing The Catio, a screened-in outdoor space for your feline pal to soak up some sun, take a nap al fresco, birdwatch, & get in touch with their inner panther - without the dangers that come with wildcat life (or needing to hunt their own food).

The Catio has a clear ceiling, double-layered wire fencing, and is divided into 4 different sections, allowing multiple cats or cat siblings to enjoy the fresh air while still separated from one another. 

So far, the vote is meownanimous: the cats love it!

​The Basics:  You bring the cute cat (or cats) and their usual wet and/or dry food - we'll provide litter, litter boxes, food & water bowls, comfy beds & blankets, all the catnip & Temptations they desire, and - very importantly - lots of love, scritches, and attention from our human team :)

If you've got questions, we've got answers! We welcome you to reach out via email or text our SMS line at 855-615-2144 with general questions or to schedule a tour.

Please note that all tours as well as departures / arrivals are by appointment only for the security of our guests!

Already convinced? Even better! To request access to our online booking portal, fill out our New Friend Form here - you'll receive an email with a link to create a password & log in to your new account within 24 hours :)

Meow! Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for your daily feline fix!

Fun Stuff: Each guest has multiple opportunities throughout the day to explore the inside of the Cottage, venture out to the Catio, or just find a lap to purr in.

For the safety of all our feline friends (and our staff - cat fights are no fun!), only cats from the same family are permitted to socialize together. 

We are happy to upgrade your cat or cats to a larger unit at no extra charge if available!

If you prefer to have your cat stay in a double or triple level unit, however, we strongly recommend reserving these in advanceas they book up quickly - especially during busy periods like summer, holidays, and school vacations.

Meow! Welcome to The Cat Cottage :)

It's a fact: you have the best cat ever (or maybe two cats, or four). As fellow feline fanatics, we know that being confident in your pal's care can make all the difference when you have to be apart.

Whether you're planning a weekend out of town, travel abroad, or a not-so-pet-friendly home renovation, you want your cat to have a place to stay that's as fun, unique, and loving as they are. That's where we come in!

Required Vaccines

* Rabies

* Feline distemper combo (FVRCP)

What Your Cat Gets

Dogs: ​​​​​499 Danbury Road | Wilton, CT 

Cat Cottage: 503 Danbury Road | Wilton, CT

Brought to you by the pet care experts at Passage East, The Cat Cottage is a premier vacation destination designed just for the special feline(s) in your life.

Located on a separate property next door to the kennel, our cozy kitty retreat provides a calm, quiet environment for your pal to relax, explore, and relax some more (who doesn't love a good catnap?). 

​And for a truly one-of-a-kind boarding experience, we're thrilled to offer the area's only fully-enclosed outdoor lounge space! Read on...

​Other Amenities:  We keep the vibes peaceful & feline-friendly with relaxing music & Feliway calming pheromones, and cat parents can rest easy knowing management lives onsite & Cannondale Animal Clinic is conveniently located just two doors down. 

The Catio

Cottage (One Level + Loft):

$36 / night  - 1 cat maximum

Townhouse (Double Level):

$39 / night

Skyscraper (Triple Level):

$42 / night

$20 / night per additional cat

​All prices subject to CT sales tax.

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