When should I drop off & pick up my dog from boarding?

Our designated pickup and drop off hours are below!

Monday - Friday

8 AM - 11 AM

3 PM - 6 PM


9 AM - 11 AM

3 PM - 5 PM

For afternoon drop offs, please try to bring your dog at least 30 minutes before close if possible. 

If your dog is scheduled for a grooming service at the end of their visit, please plan to pick up during our afternoon hours :)

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't pick up or drop off my dog during your designated hours?

Our staff is dedicated to ensuring your dogs are enjoying their outdoor playtime between 11AM - 3 PM daily! 

If you're absolutely unable to drop off/pick up during our regular hours and need to come during this time, please contact us in advance & we'll do our best to arrange for a staff member to meet you. 

We currently do not offer late pick up, but are happy to release your dog to a designated person of your choosing if you have someone willing to pick them up for you.

Please let us know the contact info of your designated pick up person in advance as well as provide us with a credit card to use for processing payment.

What vaccines are required for my dog to board?

All boarding dogs must be in good health and current on the following vaccines in order to board:

* Rabies 

* Canine distemper/parvo (full series)

* Bordetella (kennel cough)

Your dog must also have had a clean fecal exam (negative for ova & parasites) within 6 months of their boarding reservation.

Effective January 2022 per CT Department of Agriculture, we must also have a copy of your dog's current town dog license on file.

The canine influenza vaccine is strongly recommended but not required at this time. Please consult with your veterinarian about your dog's individual medical needs.

What if my dog is in poor health, very old, or too young to be fully vaccinated?

Depending on the veterinarian,most dogs will be fully vaccinated against rabies and have had all 3 distemper/parvo boosters by the age of 16 weeks. If your dog is too young to have received these vaccines, we are happy to recommend a list of pet sitters and look forward to meeting them once they're all set!

Passage East is a high-energy facility that's tons of fun for dogs who love to play and mingle with other pups. If your pet has an acute or chronic illness that requires complex medical treatment, is injured, or is a senior citizen, we will recommend keeping your dog at home where it's a bit quieter and they can stick to their typical routine or at their vet's where they can receive professional medical care if needed.

While we love dogs of all ages, our highest priority is that they be as comfy and happy as possible, especially in their golden years! Please don't hesitate to reach out for a list of recommended in-home sitters.

Does my dog need to be spayed/neutered in order to board?

Dogs over the age of 6 months that are still intact (not spayed/neutered) may board for an additional fee of $10/night.  Female dogs that are currently in heat are not permitted to board.

We understand that many veterinarians / breeders may recommend waiting to alter your dog until it is older than 6 months, particularly in the case of larger breeds. While your dog may be friendly, the presence of an intact dog can sometimes be disruptive in a group setting and cause other neutered dogs to react negatively.

Our goal is to ensure a calm, safe, and super fun environment for all dogs in our care. If, whether due to the personalities of other dogs onsite or increasingly dominant behavior (such as excessive mounting), we find that it is no longer safe for your dog to participate in group, our staff will let you know & transition them to private playtimes at $20/session.

Sniffing out some answers? We're here to help!

If you don't find what you're looking for, please email or call us at (203) 762-7998.

When should I bring for my dog's boarding reservation?

Your dog's packing list should include:

* A leash & flat collar with identification tags. 

* Their usual dry and/or wet food. While we do have dry food available, we recommend bringing your dog's own food as sudden dietary changes can sometimes cause upset tummies. Please bring food in a labeled ziploc baggie if possible.

* All current medication in original packaging with updated dosage instructions (please don't pre-mix with food!).

* A great attitude!

Can my dog who isn't friendly with other dogs - but loves people! - board at Passage East?

Yes! Every dog is different, and being in a group with other dogs isn't every pup's thing. While your dog may be super friendly with people, or comfortable playing with one or two dogs it knows very well, a pack environment can be overwhelming for some - and that's okay :)

For dogs that prefer the company of people, we offer private one-on-one playtimes with our human staff members at $20/session. Family dogs can participate in these sessions at no additional cost.

If your dog has never participated in group playtime before and you're unsure of how they'll do, not to worry - we schedule an evaluation dayof daycare before first-time boarding reservations, allowing us to introduce your dogs to some new friends, assess their temperament, and determine whether group play is a good fit for your dog's unique personality.

What should I NOT bring for my dog's boarding reservation?

* Any electric or training collars. 

* Food & water bowls. We have those! If your dog requires a slow feeder, you can (and should) bring this.

* Crates. We have your dog's accommodations ready to go!

* Dog beds. We have tons of comfy bedding & blankets for your pup to snooze away on.

* Rawhides or bones that can splinter easily. No choking hazards, please! Try our Frozen Peanut Butter Kongs or homemade Frozen Treats instead!

*Anything super valuable or sentimental. We'd never forgive ourselves if we misplaced your pup's favorite toy or blankie in the laundry.

I have more than one dog (lucky me!). Is there a discount for boarding together?

We offer a multi-dog discount of 10% off the cost of boarding for folks with 2 or more dogs. Woohoo!

This discount is applicable whether your dogs share overnight accommodations or not. While we are happy to board your dogs in the same run if you'd like, please note that availability for full runs is extremely limited and will depend on the size of your dogs and dates requested.

We generally recommend that dogs with significant age differences board separately given what is typically a difference in energy level - they may annoy each other :)

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