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Frequently Asked Questions

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If you don't find what you're looking for, please email dogsrunfree@passageeastkennels.com or call us at (203) 762-7998.

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Monday - Friday

8 AM - 11 AM

3 PM - 6 PM

Saturday & Sunday

9 AM - 11 AM

3 PM - 5 PM

​​​​​499 Danbury Road | Wilton, CT 

What are the designated drop-off and pick-up times?

Boarding Clients:
Monday-Friday: 8-11 AM & 3-6 PM
Saturday & Sunday: 8-11 AM & 3-5 PM

Daycare Clients:
Monday & Friday: 7-11 AM & 3-6 PM 
Tuesday-Thursday (Extended hours!)

7-11 AM & 3-7 PM
Saturday & Sunday: 8-
11 AM & 3-5 PM

Grooming Clients
Check in 7 Days a Week from 8-9 AM 

From 11 AM-3 PM daily, our staff is dedicated to ensuring your dogs are enjoying their outdoor playtime! If you're unable to drop off/pick up during the designated times, please let us know in advance so we can arrange for a staff member to meet you. An off-hours fee may apply.

What should I bring (or not bring) for my dog's stay at Passage East?

If this is your pup's first time staying with us, be sure to bring your paperwork as well as proof of your dog's up-to-date vaccines, if you have not sent them already. We also recommend that first-time boarders bring their usual food from home to avoid digestive issues that can accompany sudden dietary changes.

All boarding guests should ALWAYS bring:
A leash & collar. Even the best-behaved dog can panic and run in front of a car in our driveway. Accidents like this are easily prevented - be sure to keep your dog on leash during drop-off until they are safe with a staff member. Please also bring your dog wearing a flat or martingale collar with identification tags.
All current medication. Please bring your dog’s meds in their original packaging (not mixed with food), or be sure they're labeled clearly with dosage instructions and your dog's name.

You're welcome to bring:
Your dog's own food. All guests are welcome to enjoy our house kibble, but you can always bring your own for us to feed. Please be sure to bring food in a clearly labeled ziploc bag with first and last name as well as feeding instructions!
A blanket. We provide all our pups with fluffy bedding to snooze on, but bringing a blanket that smells like you or their regular sleeping place can be a nice way to remind them of home. 
Toys or treats. We'll keep any toys with your dog in their cottage or use them if you've booked a One-On-One Playdate. We don't recommend bringing items of high sentimental value as we can't 100% guarantee they'll make it back. You can also purchase some delicious treats and fun toys in our store at drop-off.

You can leave these at home:

Large beds.
Food and water bowls.

What is the minimum age for boarding and daycare?

​There is no minimum age to board or attend daycare. Most importantly, your dog must be fully vaccinated before their stay, including all boosters. There is no minimum age requirement for grooming, however, we do recommend your pup be at least 12 weeks old.

What vaccinations are required for my dog to stay at Passage East?

The well-being of your dogs is our top priority at Passage East. All boarding and daycare guests are required to be current on their Rabies, Canine Distemper/Parvovirus, and Bordetella vaccines, as well as have a negative fecal test completed within 6 months of any reservation.

We are now required to keep a current town license on file for all dogs present for boarding or daycare.

The Canine Influenza Vaccine is not required, but we recommend consulting with your veterinarian to determine if your dog would benefit from being vaccinated based on their individual needs. 

Dogs coming to Passage East for grooming only are required to be current on their Rabies & Canine Distemper/Parvovirus vaccines, as well as have had a negative fecal test completed within 12 months of their appointment. The Bordetella vaccine is NOT required, but is strongly recommended.

If your pet is due for any of the required vaccines, please allow 3-5 days prior to boarding to ensure effectiveness.

Bringing in a dog without these vaccines poses a health risk to our canine guests & human staff, and we reserve the right to cancel your reservation if valid proof is not provided. Rabies vaccines are mandated by CT state law - titers are not considered valid.

Where are your playgroups held?

All boarding, daycare, and grooming services are held on the premises at our four acre retreat at 499 Danbury Road in Wilton, CT. Playgroups are held outdoors in our two spacious, double-fenced outdoor play yards. In the event of nasty weather, playgroups are held indoors in our newly renovated recreational area with brief periods outside for potty breaks.

Are there any discounts available for multiple dogs?

Yep! For boarding guests, there is a 10% discount on the nightly rate for families with 2 dogs or more. Woof!


Does my dog need to be spayed or neutered to board or attend daycare?

No. At Passage East, our experienced caregivers will always give your intact dog a chance to socialize with furry friends. In the event that your dog’s presence becomes disruptive to our other guests, they'll get individual playtime with a staff member instead.
There is a surcharge for intact dogs over 6 months of $10/night for boarding & $5/day for daycare. We cannot accept female dogs currently in heat for daycare or boarding.

Can I tour the facility prior to boarding?

We are currently not offering tours in observation of COVID-19 safety guidelines.

How do you prevent small dogs from getting knocked over during playtime?

Our playgroups are separated by temperament, and most of our small dogs play in our calm/quiet group. Large dogs in this group tend to be older, laid back, gentle and calm. We do have small dogs that prefer to play with the big guys, and our staff keeps a close eye on them to make sure they're not overwhelmed and having a pawsome time!

Are there any extra fees for playtime, special diets, or dispensing of medication?

No way! Your dog's stay at Passage East includes up to 4 hours of supervised outdoor playtime a day, as well as all meals (use our house kibble or bring your own) in our standard nightly rates. Of course, you can always make their visit extra special by including some of our fun specialty services. 

We will also administer common medications at no extra cost to you. If your dog has a health condition requiring more in-depth medical care, such as diabetes, epilepsy, or other illnesses, our staff is trained to provide top-quality care for an additional fee of $5-$10 per night, depending on the level of care needed. See our 
Special Needs section to learn more.

Are there any age restrictions for boarding senior dogs?

There are no age restrictions on senior pets, but we do prefer that your dog has the ability to get up and down and walk.  A senior pet that has never been boarded before may have a harder time adjusting, so we recommend that you bring them down for a free day of daycare prior to your stay so we can fully evaluate their needs.  Be sure to mention if your dog has any health conditions or needs medication when making your reservation.

See our Special Needs section for more details.

If my dog doesn't like other dogs, can they still board at Passage East?

Yes, our staff and facility are equipped to safely and comfortable accommodate dogs of all temperaments and needs. If your dog is aggressive toward other dogs, they will have individual playtime with a staff member daily in lieu of group playtime. Please let us know in advance if you know your pup doesn't like to play with others. 

I'm a multi-pup parent. Can I board them together in a shared space?

You bet! Our facility is equipped to board multiple dog siblings together in our larger indoor accommodations and runs. There's also a 10% discount for families with 2 or more dogs! If your dogs need to be separated during mealtimes, please let us know in advance.

Can I get my dog bathed/groomed during their stay?

Definitely! Our full-service salon and spa are available 7 days a week. Simply schedule a grooming appointment when making your reservation. Check out our Salon Menu here.

Please plan on picking up during the designated afternoon hours on your departure day so we can ensure your dog has time to receive their service. If you can't pick up during afternoon hours, we'll groom your dog the day before & make sure they stay nice & clean until morning!

Why haven't I seen my dog on Facebook or Instagram yet?

We know how much you'll miss your pup while you're away, so we update our Facebook and Instagram pages as frequently as we can with pictures of them enjoying their time here. If you don’t see your dog online right away though, don’t worry! Most photos are posted 24-48 hours after being taken, so there may be a brief delay in their modeling debut. 

Additionally, while we love taking photos of our furry guests, our #1 priority is tending to their needs and keeping them safe 
& happy, which means we can’t always take as many pictures as we’d like. Some dogs can also be camera-shy at first, and we don’t want to create a stressful situation for them by taking pictures until they’re 100% confident & ready to pose!

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