Surcharge for Intact Dogs Over 6 Months Old

Boarding: $10/Night

Daycare: $5/Day

Many boarding & daycare facilities do not allow dogs who are intact (not spayed or neutered) to participate in group socialization. At Passage East, however, our veteran team of managers and caregivers are experienced and skilled in the art of safely integrating these dogs into a pack environment. If your dog is not spayed or neutered, we will always give them the opportunity to socialize with furry friends. Because this requires a significantly higher level of attention, training, and care to ensure 

aregivers will always do our best to give your d intact dog the opportunity socialize with furry friends. Because integrating an intact dog into a pack setting If your dog’s presence becomes disruptive to our other guests, they'll enjoy individual playtime with a staff member instead.

The zeuterin injection is a recently introduced non-surgical alternative to neutering. Because this procedure eliminates reproductive abilities but not behavior, we consider "zeutered" dogs to be intact.

We cannot accept female dogs who are actively in heat for boarding or daycare. Please be aware of your dog’s heat cycle and keep this in mind when planning their visit, as they won't always display symptoms.

If we find your dog starts her cycle while here, she will enjoy individual playtime with a staff member instead.

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