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Mama is an adult female American Staffordshire Terrier. She was pregnant and had a litter of puppies while at the pound. All her puppies quickly found homes but Mama was left alone. Passage East saved her and we have had her now for almost 2 years. Mama is a wonderful, loving girl who needs structure and a strong leader in her life. She has done lots of work with us on her leash walking and general manners with new people. She is trained to understand the clicker and knows a number of commands. This sweet girl loves to be doted on and would do best in a household as an only pet. Mama has a bit of an intimidating look, but she wants nothing more than to get belly rubs and be a couch potato. Mama would do best in a home with older children that she would not inadvertently knock down when excited. 

Above: Former rescue dog "Bingo" with new owner Mike.

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Sara is an adult female shepherd mix. We are not 100% sure what mixture of breeds Sara is but we suspect she has some Husky or Belgian Malionis mixed in. She needs an owner with ample dog experience as Sara can get overstimulated and misdirected easily. She needs someone who will continue working with her training and acclimating her to the real world. Sara practices her basic commands and leash walking on a regular basis. Sara has the potential to learn a lot in the right hands. She is big bundle of energy and would need a fenced in yard with ample time to run or long leash walks. She has the potential to do well with another canine family member of the right temperament. She practices her play manners with regular play sessions with the kennel manager's dog, Slate.  Sara would do best with a home that can devote time to her boundless energy that has no young children (13+ please). 


Jethro is our available senior. We estimate that he is at least 10 years old if not older. Do not let his age fool you. He still has tons of energy and loves nothing more than to play a long game of fetch. We sometimes have to help Jethro to remember to take a break in his older age or he would go until he dropped! He gives you the best groans of joy when you give his big ole neck a good scratch. He is still an avid chewer and will need the appropriate outlet for this behavior. Jethro would prefer to be the only animal in the household as he has shown signs of not always wanting to share the attention. Overall, Jethro is healthy for his age and is on no medications besides his Cosequin. We want nothing more than for him to spend his final years in a nice cushy home with endless love. 


Fate is a young adult female labrador mix. She needs someone willing to be a patient, confident, and loving owner. She needs time to trust new people but once she lets you into her world she is a bundle of joy. Fate is a big cuddler and loves to curl right up in your lap.  She does well with most dogs but would not do well with smaller dogs or cats as they bring out her prey drive. Fate often does play sessions with some of the employee dogs and our other rescue, Bingo. In fact she would probably do better with a confident canine family member to help her adjust to her surroundings. Fate would do fine around older children but would not appreciate the unpredictable movements of toddlers. Fate practices her basic commands and leash walking skills on a regular basis. 

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499 Danbury Rd Wilton CT 06897

​P: (203)762-7998    

F: (203) 834-0502


​Bingo is large younger American Staffordshire Terrier mix. He is desperately hoping to find a family to call his own. Bingo has endless love to give. Bingo is playful & energetic and would do best with an active owner or family to keep him busy. He loves meeting new people and thinks everyone is his friend! Bingo may inadvertently knock smaller children down and would do better with older, larger kids. He generally likes all other dogs but does get over stimulated around too many at once or smaller dogs. He practices his socialization skills with one of our other rescues and some of the employee’s dogs. He would be fine in a household with another dog of similar temperament and play style. Bingo works on his basic obedience often and has quite a few tricks he loves to share. He is such an enthusiastic joyful dog and would make a great addition to a family.  

We require all interested applicants to come to our facility to meet the dog.

Along with a visit with all potential new family members (canine & human) then we will want you

to do a few trial nights with the dog before making a final decision.

All our available dogs are spayed/neutered and current on all their vaccinations. ​

We gladly accept donations of used blankets and towels, along with dry dog food.