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"​Compassionate care for all breeds since 1976"

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"Our Favorite Kennel"

We love passage east kennels. We know that Harpo,our sheltie is being well cared for. The kennel is clean and well run. They are reasonably priced and best of all they have pick-up and drop-off 7 days a week. If we return from a trip late on a Saturday (which is often), we do not have to wait until Monday to pick Harpo up! Everyone at Passage East is pleasant and friendly. So if your dog doesn't like to travel, Passage East is home away from home. Thanks


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We are proud to announce that every room at Passage East is now protected by Nest carbon monoxide and smoke detectors  connected to managers phones. 

"We have been using Passage East for boarding for over 8 years" 

They took care of our first dog and now take care of our two other dogs.  They are friendly, accommodating and responsive and the dogs always seem happy when we drop them off.  They have expanded their drop-off/pick-up hours and there's always someone there in case of emergency.  The added bonus is we get to see pictures of them playing in the yard when they post them on their Facebook page.  It's very reassuring to see your dogs looking like they're having fun.  I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a place for your dogs to stay when you're at work or on vacation.

Tim D. 

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499 Danbury Rd Wilton CT 06897

​P: (203)762-7998     F: (203) 834-0502

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"Passage East is amazing!"

I recommend them to everyone I know. My dog Libby has high energy and I knew I had to find a place for her where she could run around and play with other dogs and be happy. I never worry about bringing Libby here. I know that she is being cared for and loved. Every time we go she cannot wait to go in and comes home exhausted and happy. I also love that Passage East posts pics of all the fun the dogs have​.

Paige Salvato

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