Basic obedience skills:
- Sits
- Downs
- Leash walking
- Proper greeting of new dogs & humans

- Recalls (coming when called)

 Problematic behaviors:
- Jumping (on people and counters)
- Pushiness at doors // door darting.
- Barrier frustration// aggression on leash
- Destructiveness ( chewing // digging)
- Begging

- Paw
- High five
- Crawl

- Roll over 

Training services

Single lesson:$30-$45 per lesson. Price varies on length of lesson and work being done with dog.. Anything involving training done off our property will be more expensive. 

Daycare + lesson: You may request a training lesson while your dog is here for a day of daycare. If you are a daycare package client there will only be a charge for the training lesson. If you are not a package client there will be a charge for daycare plus the lesson. 

Boarding + Training:

 If the dog is boarding at our facility you can add on a training lesson. If your dog is here for an extended period you can sign up for a training package with multiple lessons.  

Package A: Minimum of 5 nights boarding plus 3 lessons. Each lesson will include a report. Each package will include follow up with owner. $75.00 + boarding Comes with a free bath. 

Package B: Minimum of 7 nights boarding plus 5 lessons. Each lesson includes a a report. Each package will include a follow up with the owner. $125.00 plus boarding. Comes with a free bath. 

Package C: Minimum of 14 nights boarding plus 10 lessons. Each lesson includes a report. Includes one follow up, more if the owner requests. $250.00 + the cost of boarding. Comes with a free bath. **For limited time will include 10% discount on total bill. 

Our staff is trained to instill basic manners in all the dogs that stay with us. Having good manners and basic understanding of obedience aids in having a safe and fun pack socialization experience. We now are able to take that a step further and offer training services. Our kennel manager, Katrina will be offering training lessons while the dog is at our facility either for daycare or boarding. All lessons will include a report and follow up with the client to show you how to work with and communicate with your dog more efficiently and successfully. The lessons will range anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour depending on the dog’s focus and willingness to work. Some dogs will shut down and become bored after 30 minutes especially if working on something new. Katrina has over 12 years experience working with dogs and has an excellent understanding of what training methods work well for each individual dog.

Katrina can work on basic obedience skills while incorporating distractions such as other dogs and people to ensure your dog can perform their basic skills in new and distracting environments. Or she can work on more problematic behaviors or help your canine learn some fun new tricks.


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