Homemade Frozen Treats  

Small/$1, Large/$1.50
There’s nothing like a frosty treat to delight your dog! We make these biscuit-sized treats with human-grade ingredients right here in our own kitchen. Find your pup’s favorite flavor & sign them up on the phone or at the front desk - we’ll serve it as a sweet snack or delicious dessert. You can even buy some to bring home (store in freezer until ready to give).

Frozen Peanut Butter Kongs 

Small/$3, Large/$5
For a treat that provides both a yummy snack AND an entertaining activity, sign your dog up for one of our frozen peanut butter Kongs! We fill a seemingly boring Kong with peanut butter, freeze them, & give to your dog to enjoy. 100% guaranteed to make your dog’s day! Supplies are limited, so be sure to sign up on the phone or at drop off. Limit one per day. 

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​​​​Our training sessions range from 30 minutes to one hour, depending on your dog’s attention span and instruction needed. It’s not uncommon for dogs to shut down and grow bored after 30 minutes, especially when working on a new skill or behavior.

Training is done onsite, incorporating other dogs and people so your dog can get used to repeating their new skills in changing environments.  Offsite training can be accomodated for an additional fee.

All lessons include a report card and personal “parent teacher conference” to show you how to successfully communicate with your dog at home.

Is your dog staying for five days or more? Add some education to their playcation with one of our convenient and money-saving Training Packages!

Package A: 3 Lessons for $75 + cost of boarding
Available for guests staying 5 nights or more. 

Includes report card for each lesson, parent teacher conference, & free bath.

Package B: 5 Lessons for $125 + cost of boarding
Available for guests staying 7 nights or more. 

Includes report card for each lesson, parent teacher conference, & free bath.

Package C: 10 Lessons for $250 + cost of boarding
Available for guests staying 14 nights or more.

Includes report card for each lesson, parent teacher conference, & free bath.

Specialty Services

Compassionate Care

for All Breeds

One-on-One Time

 $15 for 30 Minutes

Who doesn't want a little more playtime?  Our One-on-One sessions are perfect for dogs who prefer individual attention or just need some extra TLC. For $15, your dog will have one staff member all to themselves for 30 minutes. If you have multiple dogs staying with us, sign them up for a session together for the same price.

You can reserve your dog's One-on-One time when scheduling on the phone, via email, or at the front desk at drop off. Limit one per day. If you are staying during peak or holiday time, be sure to book in advance - availability is on a first come, first serve basis!

​​Salon & Spa Services - Call for a Quote!

Our full-service salon and spa is available to all our boarding & daycare guests! We offer custom haircuts, specialty baths, nail trims, and even creative grooming like temporary fur coloring and pet-icures for fashion-forward pups. Book when reserving your dog's visit & we'll pamper them with your chosen treatment the day you pick them up. 

Please plan on picking up your dog during our designated afternoon hours so we can be sure they have time to receive their service. If you need to pick up in the morning, we'll groom your dog the afternoon before and make sure they stay nice & clean until you arrive.  Click here  to learn about all our salon and spa services! Pricing varies by size and breed.

Training Services

$30-$45 Per Session

If some of your pup’s behaviors have you frustrated at home, that’s okay – every dog is different, and some just need a little extra help and guidance to get on track. With the right teacher and some practice, you’ll be amazed what your best friend can learn!

Our kennel manager, Katrina, has over 15 years of experience working with dogs, and an excellent understanding of what training methods work best for each one.

A vacation at Passage East includes everything your dog needs to feel right at home, but why not pupgrade their stay & give them a little extra to wag about?

You can sign up for any of our special services via phone or email when reserving your dog's visit or at front desk at drop off.  Go ahead, make your dog's day!

Brushing Service - $8

Regular brushing is the best way to keep your dog’s coat healthy, shiny, and tangle-free. Pamper your pooch with a luxurious 15 minutes brushing service during their boarding stay - it's the doggy equivalent of a massage! Limit one per day.

​Our full-body brush-outs will:

Remove loose hair and dead skin
Reduce shedding
Improve circulation
Condition skin and fur by redistributing natural oils
Prevent matting

Basic Obedience
Leash walking
Polite greeting of new dogs & humans
Recall (coming when called)

Problem Behaviors
Jumping (on people, counters, etc.)
Pushiness at doors / door darting
Barrier frustration / leash aggression
Destructiveness (chewing, digging)

High Five
Roll over