Convenient & Affordable!

We're open 7 days a week, and at the same price (or less) than a 30 minute walk, daycare is as good for your wallet as it is for your dog. 

We welcome ALL socialized dogs, regardless of breed, and our experienced staff members are trained to ensure all play is positive, safe, and fun.

We know your dog will love daycare at Passage East, but don't take our word for it. Try us out and see for yourself - your first day is FREE! 

Doggy Daycare at Passage East!

Doggy Daycare is perfect for:

- Dogs with high energy, destructive habits, or separation anxiety.

- Park enthusiasts who love making new 2 & 4-legged pals.

- Dogs who could use a bit more exercise or practice socializing.

- ​Dog parents with busy schedules or limited recreational space.

- ​Anyone who wants their dog to enjoy a fun-filled day with friends!

I can’t say enough about this place!! They are a godsend to us! Our Livie needed a little extra time acclimating to playgroup and all staff, and especially trainer, Katrina, helped make that possible.  Best part our dogs come home SO TIRED!

- Katie D.,

Drop Off & Pick Up Hours

Monday & Friday

8am-11am & 3pm-6pm


(Extended Hours!)

7am-11am & 3pm-7pm

Saturday & Sunday

9am-11am & 3pm-5pm

More Bang For Your Bark!

My dog Libby has high energy & I knew I had to find a place where she could run around & be happy. I never worry about bringing her here. I know she is being cared for & loved. Every time we go she can't wait to go in & comes home exhausted & happy.

- Paige C.,

Passage East really pays attention to the dogs & knows which dogs are best to play with each other. I also really love the pictures posted on Facebook. Then I know my guys are doing well and having fun!

- Amy W.,

Don't forget, you can always PUPgrade your dog's daycare experience with a spa day at our full-service Salon or some of our extra fun specialty services!

It Pays To Play

Regularly socialized dogs are healthier, happier, better-adjusted, and less stressed than dogs who have little or no social interaction outside the home.

We Know Dogs

Our playgroups are supervised at all times by multiple canine experts with years of professional experience and training in vet and kennel settings.

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Compassionate Care

for All Breeds

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There are plenty of things in life to feel guilty about - leaving your best friend alone for long hours when life has you busy shouldn’t be one of them!

Doggy Daycare at Passage East is here to make you feel good about saying goodbye to your pup in the morning.

Package Rates

Full DayHalf Day
Single Day$31$20
3 Days - SAVE 4 % *$89 $57
5 Days - SAVE 12% *$136$88
10 Days - SAVE 18% **$255$164
20 Days - SAVE 24% **$475$304




We're Outside!

Passage East is one of the only dual indor/outdoor facilities in the area. Let your dog be a dog and enjoy fresh air and sunshine on our beautiful 4-acre property!

*Expires in 1 month ** Expires 3 months.

A surcharge of $5/day will be charged for unaltered dogs over 6 months old.

All prices subject to tax.

Off hours pick-up & drop-off must be arranged with staff in advance.

Additional fees may apply.