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​Amazing Care Starts With Amazing People!

The year was 1999, and Joe and Laura Kaddis had 13 rescue dogs. It wasn’t something they’d planned, exactly - active volunteers with local shelters, the two had discovered a passion over the years for taking in and rehabilitating abused dogs, adopting six and earning the nickname “the last resort couple.” 

When Joe visited the Bridgeport pound intending to adopt one more, he learned that seven dogs were scheduled to be euthanized that day - of course, he took them all. The couple worked with volunteers to find the dogs loving homes, housing them in their heated three-car garage until ready to meet their new families.​​

Lexi Kiederer

Kennel Staff / Head of Cuddling

When their vet, Dr. Noonan, mentioned that a kennel was for sale in Wilton,  the Kaddis’ recognized this was the perfect opportunity to expand their rescue efforts and help even more dogs in the community. They envisioned a canine retreat where dogs of all breeds & backgrounds could receive the loving care they deserve, enjoy ample space outdoors to safely run and play, and where homeless dogs could seek refuge and find their forever homes. 

Today, Passage East is proud to offer a full range of canine services, including boarding, professional grooming, daycare, & training, and continues to collaborate with local rescue groups to find homes for dogs in need.

So, what's with the name?

Our unusual name honors the long "Passage from the East" scientists believe ancient wolves made to Europe and North America from Asia over 17,000 years ago. Passage East Kennels is proud to provide compassionate care for all 2,500 modern dog breeds believed to have originated from these first canines.

Kaily Blackman

Senior Kennel Staff

Katrina Knebel

Kennel Manager

Caroline Browne

Kennel Staff / Snuggle Manager

Fawn Holden

General Manager/Head Groomer

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Did you know?

We're movie stars (sort of)! In August 2007, Passage East was renamed the "Lazy Pooch Hotel" for the filming of a scene for Disney's "Old Dogs," starring Robin Williams and John Travolta. 

In the film, Travolta is seen picking up his dog from the kennel. You can check it out here!

Mary Rodriguez

Kennel Staff / Belly Rubber In Chief

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Cherie McSwain

Kennel Staff / Puppy Kiss Consultant

Amanda Feighery

Assistant Kennel Manager