Monday - Friday: 

8-11am & 3-6pm

Saturday & Sunday:

9-11am & 3-5pm​

Extended hours for DAYCARE ONLY


7-11am & 3-7pm 


Add-on Services 

additional $5 each

•Nail Grinding  - smooth rough edges and get nails as short as possible. 

•Teeth Brushing - removes plaque and freshens breath for kisses!

•Collar Wash - Don’t put that stinky, dingy collar back on your sparkling clean pooch!

•Essential oil application  - the perfect addition to our collar wash service.

Nose & Toes Saver - Organic nose balm soothes, exfoliates, and heals crusty noses. Paw pads are massaged with organic oils providing deep conditioning followed by Mushers Secret application to protect from the elements year round.

Ask for "the works" and get all of the add-on services plus your choice of a specialty bath for an additional $20!

Frequent Fido Services

Zoom Groom - $30+*

Bath, brush out, touch up feet, face/eyes, nail trim, ear cleaning, and sanitary.

*only for existing clients that have had a full service grooming in the last 6 weeks.

 Bang trim - $10+**

Touch up feet, face/eyes, nail trim, and sanitary.

**only for existing clients that have had a full service grooming in the last 3 weeks.

Creative Grooming Services

Great for special occasions and holidays!

Nail Painting – 2 paws -5      4 paws -10

Nail Caps
• black or clear - 20
• color/holiday - 15

Bedazzling - complimentary first time -3

Blow art - complimentary first time - small -3       large -5

Color splash - complimentary first time   5-10+
  (ear tips, tail tips, paws)


Full Service Grooming

Our full service grooming includes all the basic services - brush out, nail trim, ear cleaning, shave pads, shampoo & conditioner, blueberry facial, blow dry, custom haircut, and bandana, bows, or bow ties – call for quote

(hypoallergenic and brightening shampoo available upon request)

Drop off 9-10AM

We will call as soon as your dog is ready for pick up.

Please let us know if there is a time that would be most convenient for you!

The Salon

Professional, full service grooming -


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 Departure Services

All of our salon services are available for our boarding clients too! If your dog will be boarding with us and you would like to have them bathed or groomed before you pick them up please plan on picking your dog up in the afternoon during our regular office hours.

If you need to pick up in the morning your dog will be bathed/groomed the day before and the staff will make sure they stay nice and clean!

Also check out our specialty services available for our guests!


499 Danbury Rd Wilton CT 06897

​P: (203)762-7998    

F: (203) 834-0502

Specialty Baths

Cost is determined by the size and coat type of your dog.

Skin Soother Treatment  
Calming shampoo and conditioner for itchy and allergy prone skin. Includes ear flush and Zymox application if needed.

Deep Conditioning Treatment 
Soothing massage with rich Shea Butter shampoo followed with a soak in warm Shea Butter conditioner. Includes leave-in strengthening and shine spray.

EZ Shed Treatment 
Adds strength, moisture, and shine while reducing shedding 50-80 %
(last 3-6 weeks)

Also available...

Skunk bath

Flea and Tick bath

Medicated Bath